Your Pavers Deserve a Regular Pressure Washing

patio-washing-freehold-njLooking for an instant way to improve the curb appeal and overall appearance of your home? Look no further than your patios, walkways, and walls. Pressure washing your pavers can eliminate years of dirt, grime, oil deposits, and other pollutants that ruin the beauty of this beautiful addition to your outdoor space. Clean & Clear is one of New Jersey’s most trusted power washing companies, and we’re ready to deliver a transformation.

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It’s Time for A Paver Restoration

paver-pwer-washing-servicesWhile pavers are a unique design element that beautifies your environment, the space between the stones can retain moisture, promoting the growth of moss and mold. Many power washing companies target those hard-to-reach areas with the highest-possible pressure washing force. The problem? They often end up knocking out the sand that holds the pavers together — and re-sanding pavers costs more than paver cleaning!

At Clean & Clear, we use a hot-water, soft wash technique that kills existing mold while maintaining the integrity of your pavers. We’ll get them looking brand-new instead of having to worry about a brand-new installation.
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