Have you considered that shrink wrapping can be a valuable tool for business? With a commercial shrink wrapper, you can protect your outdoor equipment and amenities from weather and theft, plus store off-season pool equipment, lounge seating, and more. Need a bigger commitment? across long or short distances, domestically or overseas. Protect your goods and assets. That’s why Clean & Clear shrink wrap service is here. No matter what the size of the item, where it’s located, or where it needs to go, Clean & Clear’s professional shrink wrapping experts can protect it. Shrink Wrap does a great job no matter if it’s for outside storage or for transport purposes.

Shrink Wrap Solutions You Can Count on

At Clean & Clear, we work with you from start to finish and ensure you achieve the maximum level of protection for your unique application. Whether you’re moving an entire plant full of oversized equipment or you need to protect high-cost components for outdoor storage or transport, our shrink wrap solutions will save you time and money compared with the time and cost of crating or other packaging methods. Protect outdoor equipment from rain, wind, and the elements when not in use with shrink wrap solutions.

beach-club-shrink-wrappingBeach and Pool Clubs
When the season is over, we’ll keep your outdoor equipment safe with professional shrink wrapping.

industrial-equipmentIndustrial Equipment

Whether it’s a component of a power plant generator, a jet plane, or a wind turbine, industrial shrink wrap often deals with objects far too large to simply put through a shrink tunnel.


office-building-shrink-wrappingOffice Buildings
Need a temporary enclosure for your commercial building? Exterior building enclosures with temporary heat enables concrete pours in the dead of winter. Shrink-wrap scaffolding, as well as temporary shrink wrap walls for manufacturing, construction, dust, debris protection and interior protection are our specialty.


Need a bigger commitment? Whether you’re transporting items across long or short distances, domestically or overseas, Clean & Clear can protect your goods.


Any company can offer a shrink wrap service, but only Clean & Clear brings passion to every project. We’re NJ’s leading commercial shrink wrapper, using only the highest-quality products and equipment to ensure your investments remain protected from the elements. Contact us today for a free consultation and quote.

Unwrapping Services

We’ll gently remove and dispose of all shrink wrap, leaving your patio pristine and ready for fun. Let Clean & Clear’s Unwrapping Service handle the heavy lifting, so you can focus on what truly matters – enjoying your outdoor oasis. Learn more