Shrink wrapping is a valuable tool for businesses. You can protect outdoor equipment and amenities from the elements, and use it as a means of off-season storage for everything from pool equipment to lounge seating. Shrink wrapping can protect goods and valuables for transport across long or short distances, domestically or overseas. Protect your goods and assets!

  • Protect outdoor equipment from rain, wind, and the elements when not in use
  • Store pool equipment, lounge seating, and patio furniture during the winter
  • Protect goods and valuables for transport across any distance
  • Safely deliver audiovisual equipment to conventions or presentations

beach-club-shrink-wrappingBeach and Pool Clubs

industrial-equipmentIndustrial Equipment

office-building-shrink-wrappingOffice Buildings


Commercial shrink wrapping can preserve and protect the important assets of any business. From wrapping up outdoor grills and furniture for the restaurants and hotels, to protecting industrial equipment for a building complex, to securing goods for transport or storage–Clean & Clear is your most trustworthy source of commercial shrink wrapping services.