My gutters still look dirty. Why is that?

If your gutters look dirty after a power washing treatment, oxidation is likely the cause. Rain and humidity can cause metal to slowly deteriorate and oxidize, revealing a grayish film. The staining only worsens as it bakes in the sun during the hotter months. So, what’s the solution? The only way to take care of a tough case of oxidation is to remove the staining with a long, grueling hand scrubbing.

What are these black dots on my siding?

The tiny black specks on siding are called shotgun & artillery fungus. It gets its name from its ability to “fire” spore masses up to 30 feet in the air from the fruiting bodies of fungus known as Sphaerobolus Stellatus. When shotgun & artillery fungus land, it speckles down siding, down spouts, and windows, becoming more difficult to remove the longer they have been in place. In most cases, our experts can remove about half of the shotgun fungus with water pressure that “skins” the outer surfaces of the spore. This leaves the spores exposed to the sun, which “bleaches” them off the siding. While there is no product that kills shotgun fungus, you can keep it at pay by switching to inorganic mulch, such as stone or pea gravel. Prior to the application of inorganic mulch, be sure to completely remove the existing mulch in to lessen the chance of reoccurrence.

What area do you service?

We cover all areas of New Jersey If you live outside our service area, we are happy to discuss special arrangements for a cleaning.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are insured. You will receive a copy of our insurance certificate with every estimate package.

Do you have references?

We are proud to have over 200 Google reviews. Click here to see our reviews.

How often should I use your services?

Our house-washing services will last up to three years, depending on the specifics of your property.

We recommend annual power washing services for patios, driveways, and fencing. Our professional staff will walk you through our recommendations and services.

Do you use my water?

Yes, we use your water and require access to one outside spigot to fill up our holding tanks. We would never hook our pressure washers directly inside your home.

What about well water?

Well water is fine. Our holding tanks filter out all contaminants of well water.

Do you still come if it’s raining?

We do work in the rain and find it helpful to thoroughly rinse your house. We do not work when thunder or lightening are present, due to safety concerns for our team.

How long does it take for moss to fall off?

With our soft-wash roof service, you may notice stubborn moss remaining for up to two weeks. We let Mother Nature work her magic, so they fall off on their own. If it is still a concern after two weeks, call our office and we will return, per our guarantee.

Who will be doing the job?

All of our technicians are Clean and Clear employees. We do not outsource our work or hire undocumented workers. Our team will arrive in Clean and Clear branded uniforms and trucks.

How much does it cost to clean my house?

There is no way to accurately give you an answer for that until we come out and give you a free estimate. Our owners Lou and Mike personally go out on every estimate to insure that we give the best possible pricing.

Do you have Ladders high enough to clean my house? My house is really high!

In most cases we do not use ladders to reach high areas; we use high pressure commercial grade power washers that enable us to clean the dirt, mold, algae off your house with the use of special water guns and extension rods. Ladders are very dangerous and time consuming, our equipment allows our technitions to work safely and quicker which enables us to keep our pricing competitively

Will your cleaning solutions harm my plants?

No. Our owners are adamant about leaving the job without any harm to the grass, or plants. When needed wet down all plants and surrounding landscape before we apply any cleaning solutions and then again when we finish the job before we leave?

Will your cleaning solution be harmful to my pets?

We advise all our customers to keep all pets away from the work area, during and a few hours after the job is complete. Our shampoos have a smell that most pets do not like and keep far away. Again we wet and rinse everything down before we leave your home.

Do I have to be home when you clean my house?

No! We understand that you have other things to do and places to go, We would like for a homeowner to be home when we complete the job to do a final walk around and make sure you are 100% happy with the work, in most cases we will be happy to give a call or text when we are ½ hour away from being done with their job so you can make your way home. If the homeowner is unable to get home by the end of the job will leave a receipt and make arrangements for payment.

What area do you service?

We cover all of Monmouth and ocean county in NJ. If you live outside our service area we will be happy to speak with you to make arrangements.