Clean & Clear Power Washing provides commercial power washing in Monmouth County, NJ and Ocean County, NJ.
Clean & Clear knows how important appearance is to your business.

Whether we’re maintaining your property entryway, beautifying hundreds of thousands of square feet of living space, or simply sprucing up your monument sign, we know that commercial power washing services are critical for the prosperity of your business.

When you partner with us, you’re getting best-in-class commercial power washing services. The best, commercial grade equipment. Certified, insured, in-field service technicians that have hundreds of hours of training on top of thousands of hours performing service for businesses just like yours.

Power washing is a great way to take care of your assets while giving your business a makeover. It can reduce the effects of general wear and tear, while reducing dirt, mold, and pollen. It can attract new customers, help keep existing customers impressed, and restore your business to the fresh look it had when it first opened its doors.


Fence Washing


Outer Walls

  • Give your business the same fresh look and feel it had on its opening day
  • Reverse the effects of the elements on your storefront, signage, driveway, and exterior
  • Give your business a healthier environment by reducing dirt, mold, and pollen
  • Attract new customers and retain your existing ones

When it comes to running a business, appearance matters. The experienced, trustworthy power washing team at Clean & Clear will help spruce up your signage, keep your outdoor equipment looking fresh, and reverse the effects of wear and tear and the elements.