How often do you clean your awnings? Not only can professional awning cleaning services help extend the life of your awnings, it helps you make a great impression. Whether they’re on your home or business building, put your awnings in the care of Clean & Clear, and you’ll see the difference.

Professional Awning Cleaners in Central New Jersey

Whether they’re used to screen the building from the elements, enhance the architectural theme of the building, or act as signage, awnings can take a beating over time. But just because they look weathered or dirty doesn’t mean they need to be replaced. Professional cleaning and routine maintenance by Clean & Clear’s team of professional awning cleaners is your solution to  ensuring a beautiful appearance and a longer lifespan.

The fabric options for outdoor awnings have greatly advanced over the last couple decades. Our team works with all materials, offering everything from traditional canvas awning cleaning services to solution-dyed acrylic awning fabric cleaning.

Our Services

On-Site Cleaning

Depending on the design and construction, awning cleaning can be completed in-place, on-site with environmentally friendly products proven to remove mold, mildew, bird droppings, environmental dirt, and soil that results from everyday wear. Our team will inspect the fabric and discuss your options during a consultation.

Cleaning & Treating at Our Facility

For awning fabrics that require special care and attention, Clean & Clear provides hand-cleaning at our facility, along with proper packaging for storage or return delivery.

Seasonal Cleaning

For many homes, restaurants, and businesses, awnings are seasonal. Our professional awning cleaners have you covered for take-down and storage in the fall, and set-up cleaning in the spring.

Contact Clean & Clear for an Awning Consultation

Ready for our professional awning cleaners to restore beauty and life to your awnings? Contact us today for more information about our services.