How Power Washing Can Fight Mold

Clean & Clear Power Washing in Monmouth and Ocean County can provide protection against mold

Power washing your home can work wonders for your curb appeal, and the overall look of your house.  However, it can also be extremely helpful when it comes to fighting mold.

Mold and mildew around the exterior of your house can create conditions that are unhealthy and dangerous not only for people with allergies and asthma but for everyone in your family. Clean & Clear Power Washing will remove mold from siding, trim, concrete surfaces.

The use of professional cleaning equipment allows us to remove the build-up of deposits that lead to mold with a uniform finish and prevent any wand marks, or tiger stripes, on the finished surface.  Clean, mildew-free concrete removes the slippery fall hazard as well as add years back to the appearance of your property.

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