How Often Should You Power Wash Your Home

Clean & Clear Power Washing - providing power washing in Monmouth County, NJ and Ocean County, NJ

Your house in Monmouth and Ocean County takes quite a beating during those harsh NJ winters. It has to withstand snow, wind, rain, salt, and more. It doesn’t take much before your home begins to look dirty, beat up, and moldy.

Clean & Clear’s power washing services can help combat this.

    1. Our process blasts accumulated dirt off the exterior of your home. No more climbing on dangerous ladders and breaking your back scrubbing – we can take care of that for you.
    2. We recommend power washing your home a few times per year. When the winter finally subsides and it starts warming up, BINGO – it’s time. When it gets humid and stormy throughout the summer, you could benefit from another washing. And finally, as autumn arrives, and it’s time to start thinking about winter again, the third time’s a charm. 

So while you’re focusing on buying gifts for your loved ones, you should also think about giving your home the gift of a power washing once the weather breaks. Give us a call or an email, we’ll be here ready for you when you need power washing in Monmouth and Ocean Counties.

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