Clean & Clear Now Offering Liquid Deicing in NJ

Clean & Clear provides liquid deicing in NJ

Winter already getting you down? Are you starting to think about the dreadful blizzards, snow storms, salt trucks, gray skies, and slick roads and sidewalks?  Well, you’re not alone.  Jersey is a beautiful and fun state to live and work in, but dealing with the brutal reality of winter is less than exciting.

One way to combat the slick surfaces around your home, thereby making it a little more bearable, is liquid deicing.  Clean & Clear is proud to now offer liquid deicing in NJ!

Uses of Liquid Deicer

There are three beneficial ways in which you can use a liquid deicer. They are as follows:

  • Prevention (Anti-Icing)—you can apply a liquid deicer before snowfall to prevent the formation of ice and snow mounds.
  • Deicing after Snowfall—you can use liquid deicers as your sole ice and snow melting solution.

This is the same de-icing treatment used by municipalities and state departments of transportation to thwart the accumulation of snow and ice.

Used as a pre-treatment when anticipating inclement winter weather,  helps to keep snow and ice from sticking to walkways, driveways, and porches up to two weeks, providing easier removal with less scraping. It can also be applied when snow starts to fall to help limit accumulation to only 2″. . The water-soluble, biodegradable solution will not stain surfaces, nor harm pets or plants.


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