Clean a Sidewalk Using Clean & Clear’s Pressure Washing Services

Clean & Clear providing power washing, pressure washing, and soft washing in Monmouth and Ocean County, NJ

Checking out a clean area of a sidewalk next to a dirty area is pretty fascinating. Over the course of a cold, salt-ridden winter, sidewalks can get really nasty.  Clean & Clear provides services that help get those sidewalks looking like new again.

Pressure washing is a great way to get the sidewalk around your home looking its best. Some reasons behind this are that cement does a good job of holding onto the dirt. Since the surface isn’t smooth, tar, dirt, oil, and rust can get in a create staining. While there are some cleaning methods that can help with this, many leave¬†the area looking dirty or are bad for the environment.

Pressure washing, though, uses water only to clean those sidewalks. The force behind the cleaning method is enough to truly clean it without hurting the environment.

Clean & Clear is happy to provide pressure washing in Monmouth County and Ocean County in NJ. Contact Us today to get on our schedule for spring.

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